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Your specialist for personal greetings

Chocolate message: Is there anything sweet about your greeting? With the chocolate message, you send not only personal greetings, but also a table of fair-tradeed milk chocolate. The board is enveloped by your message.

Personal photo box with various gifts: Personalized box with own photo and personal dedication. Our greeting boxes with the finest chocolates of Hachez are suitable as personal greetings on various occasions. Congratulations, wedding, congratulations, mothers day, declaration of love, apology, birthday, good improvement, jubilee, etc. There are many reasons for special greetings.

Always at the pre-Christmas time: Your photo advent calendar with the finest chocolate from HACHEZ, fair trade vegan chocolate from GEPA. For the personal touch, our lovingly prepared Christmas jewelery frames are at your disposal. Your own advent calendar with your own photo can be attached to the wall, so that your personal motive lets the recipient think about you every day in the pre-Christmas season. The table advent calendar also has a fold-out drawer, which can be used to set up the calendar on the desk or the window sill.

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